What is dandruff?

Dandruff is not always a common chronic skin condition, it can also be a temporary issue that occurs when the body goes through hormonal changes such as puberty. As the scalp is typically covered in hair and we can’t see the exact condition of our skin, dandruff manifests itself by white flakes of dead skin that fall from the scalp.

Did you know?

The skin constantly produces new skin cells and sheds old cells to stay healthy. Dandruff can occur when this cycle of skin renewal speeds up.


Dandruff is a common problem, it affects 50% of people in their lifetime.


Dandruff affects more men than women.


A common cause of dandruff is a fungus which already exists on most people's scalps.


77% of people with a scalp condition believe that stress is a main trigger*.


The majority of people with dandruff feel that it affects their confidence*.

72% of people with severe scalp conditions agree that their diet could trigger their condition*.

*Based on a survey of 1007 people managing a scalp condition.

Tips for preventing dandruff

Below you will find some top tips for preventing dandruff: 

Get some safe sun.

Sunlight helps to suppress the fungus causing dandruff.

Don't use hot water

When washing hair, set the temperature to lukewarm.

Avoid chemical treatments

 Such as chemical straightening.

Brush your hair regularly

This will help to evenly distribute hair oils.

Helping you say goodbye to dandruff

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